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In our new game Oh No! Ninjas!, there are many arenas to choose from, at least once you level up your skills and spend some shiny coins! We wanted to showcase the atmospheric arenas that are available within the game.

The Dojo Studio Arena: The School of Chat Fu, this is where students go to become Word Masters! And, on Sundays we have a great spin class.

The Dojo Studio

Welcome to the Dojo Studio,  aka the School of Chat Fu! It is the starting place of your journey to Ninja Master. An arena that is spacious enough for your training with perfect natural lighting for a photo-op.

The Dark Alley Arena: Didn't your mother ever tell you that you shouldn't wander around dark alleys at night? Wait, she said you should?! Oh.

The Dark Alley

The Dark Alley, the arena perfect for your darker side. Graffiti, dumpster, and all.

Wrestling Ring Arena: The most electrifying ring in Chat Entertainment!

The Wrestling Ring

The perfect ring for a master word wrestler looking for an audience to cheer them on! Enjoy the ambient camera flashes of onlookers and the bright lights of the spotlight!

The Pagoda Arena: It's beautiful, serene, and quiet here. LET'S FIGHT!

The Pagoda

A serene pagoda to experience peace and quiet while kicking ninja butt! Enjoy the beautiful cherry blossom trees that are always in bloom!

And that’s all the arenas! Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak if you have yet to unlock these unique and serene arenas!

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Thanks for reading! 🙂

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On January 23, 2018
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