Oh No! Ninjas!

November 15, 2017

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Oh No! Ninjas! is a fast and fun word typing mobile game. Ninjas will never learn their lesson, which in this case is to not get involved in word games. It is free to play on iTunes, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store. Buy it on Steam for $2.29 (CDN).

Key Features:

• Unique characters, accessories, and arenas to customize your gaming experience.
• 80+ missions and achievements to discover and complete for an added challenge.
• A wide variety of word lists are available. There is a word list for everyone from foodies to bookworms!
• Unlock upgrades to increase your survival chances against ninja attacks.
• Get that sweet XP and those shiny coins from defeating ninjas to level up and gain more rewards.
• Buy new items in The Dojo store including new word lists, upgrades, characters, accessories, and arenas.
• Use ninja stars to keep you safe from those pesky ninjas when time is too tight (panic button not included).
• Rise in the ranks and maybe someday you’ll see your name at the top of the in-game leaderboard!
• Share it with the world on Facebook (but watch out for vengeance)!
• FREE (arenas, characters, accessories, upgrades, and word lists can be purchased with in-game currency or as in-app purchases)!**
** Available for free on Google Play, App Store, and Microsoft platforms.

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