Chat Q: Meet Brandon the Associate Producer

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In our second Blot team Q&A, meet Brandon who helps with production for Chat Fu!


What do you do at Blot?

I am an associate producer. So I basically support pretty much everybody on the team. Whatever needs to be done at that time is what I do. If it’s like helping design the game with Justin (Blot’s founder), or going to get pop so everybody can stay awake, or writing some emails or doing whatever – that’s basically what I do. Multiple hats. I have lots of hats. They’re pretty nice.

Hats with lots of different colours, or different shapes?

No. All blue. They’re all the same hat.

But they’re all very comfortable?

Yeah, they’re great. They’re slightly larger and slightly smaller.

Are the big ones for when your ego inflates itself?

Yeah, that doesn’t happen too often. I’m a straight shooter. I shoot from the hip.

Fair enough. What is your favourite part of Chat Fu?

Deception! The best part of the game is that you can play somebody and you can feel really intelligent because you’re able to control a conversation to a point where you can actually get your friends to say what you want them to. It gives a lot of gratification to the person playing because they learn that they know their friends really well, so they know how to get them to say certain words. They also feel very smart because they’re able to pull it off. And they also feel kinda sneaky because they’re able to do it without somebody knowing. I think that’s the coolest part. Because nothing else like that exists anywhere. It’s the first thing I tell people – I just say, “You’re playing a game that the other person doesn’t know you’re playing, so you can be really sneaky.” So deception, definitely. I’m terrible at the game. But that’s the one thing where I think good might come out of it: it will teach people who are kind of shy to have to control the conversation a bit more and be more assertive instead of going along with conversation. So it might actually get people to gain a bit of confidence that way. I’m normally just… because of my journalism background I always talk about what the other person is interested in and try to ask questions about them – it’s just how I was trained. So I’m really bad at Chat Fu! I’ve only won one or two rounds. And the game didn’t even register that I won. There was a bug.

But hopefully as associate producer you can help iron out that bug.

Let’s hope so. I never won again!

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On June 22, 2013

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