Fu Friday: It’s a Trap!

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In Chat Fu, it’s your mission to destroy your Facebook friends by tricking them into saying certain words in chat conversations. Such is the path of the warrior. Your enemies have but one defense: Trap words. Here’s how Trap words work: let’s say Teresa is trying to get her friend Bonnie to say “Bambi” – but her trap words are “Disney”, “Deer”, and “Forest” – so Teresa can’t use those words in that conversation. If Teresa gets defeated by a Trap word, she loses her own fight! That’s as dishonorable as being beaten by your cat in a staring contest. The best way to avoid being caught by Trap words is to disarm them using Ninja Stars – you can also use a special upgrade to help you!

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» Chat Fu » Fu Friday: It’s a Trap!
On May 31, 2013

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