Chat Fu transforms Facebook into a game of social deception. Trick your friends into saying certain words while avoiding them yourself. The twist? Your friend might not even know they’re playing! Victories earn you coins to purchase game enhancements, new fighters, accessories and more. Get fighting with Chat Fu on Facebook!

Play Chat Fu!

  • Trick your friends into saying a “Target Word"
    while you avoid mentioning “Trap Words”
  • First game/app to use Facebook’s built-in message service in its core mechanic
  • Play against companions without them knowing it; only one person needs Chat Fu installed
  • Brag about your victories by sharing instant replays of battles directly on Facebook
  • A cast of 20 unique playable fighters
    – like Sue Doku and Chipotle the Luchador
  • Unlock accessories - from cool hats to funky glasses - to customize your fighter
  • Earn coins to spend on game
    enhancements that change the
    way you play the game
  • Play the Oh No! Ninjas! fast-typing
    mini-game to win bonus coins

Developer: Blot Interactive
Based in Toronto, Ontario
Release Date: Aug 1, 2013
Platform: Facebook
Price: Free


Everyone’s a gamer. Some just don’t know it yet. Blot Interactive shakes up the definition of “game”
by creating powerful, fun, interactive experiences for all types of players. A Toronto studio that combines the passion of indie development with years of real studio experience, Blot prides itself on creating compelling games for a variety of current and next-gen platforms. Blot’s first game Chat Fu was released in Summer 2013.
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